Expanding the barriers of the mind using AI-based EEG analysis (MindXs)

The purpose of the proposed project is the creation of mindXs, an innovative startup company focusing on EEG-based signal analysis using the latest machine learning, and particularly, deep learning techniques with the aim to develop and bring to market a novel AI-based EEG analysis software platform enabling faster, more efficient and accurate diagnosis of neurological diseases and conditions with a significant global healthcare burden.  

Currently, medical professionals have to manually review visual tracings to determine whether an EEG is normal or abnormal, and if abnormal, the type of abnormality. This is an extremely time-consuming task, especially in a healthcare setting in which there is an essential need to properly and quickly diagnose a patient. The mindXs project will reduce the time needed for a diagnosis while reliably providing an accurate automatic consultation to medical professionals.

Contact person: Dr. Melinos Averkiou